They’re Sleeping

“The enemy came at night and sowed weed in with good wheat.”

     Why would an advanced civilization continually abduct human beings for centuries? Some Experiencers would say that we are their lab rats, while others contend that they are here trying to save the planet. Spiritual speakers, like Abraham Hicks, say that  abductions are happening on a metaphysical level, a state of consciousness in which a human being is unable to determine the difference between a soul abduction and a physical abduction. This idea would lend credence to the accounts in which people are taken through walls. I will tackle this topic in two separate blog posts by answering who the most likely culprit is, how they do it, and what they are taking. 

The Greys

     Until full disclosure happens the best we can do is look at the evidence and speak from experience. An alien Grey is the entity most likely responsible for the common alien abduction. I will get into my experience in a later post, but the Skinny Bob alien is the alien I had a full conscious encounter with. 

Skinny Bob

The following footage is %100 real, from the movement of its mouth, fingers, clothing, and creepy walk. Anyone trying to debunk this footage is wrong and misinformed. Watch it to the end here👉🏻

Frequency &  Paralysis 

     In 2015 I had an encounter with a shadow being and unbeknownst to it, I was fully conscious. In fact, seconds before I was contemplating buying breakfast tacos but decided to wait a few minutes for my wife to wake up. Again, I’ll save the encounter for a later post, but this entity hit me with a state of paralysis that emits from its body like a cold vibration. I have now found the source of this. It turns out that GHB occurs naturally in the body, so it naturally has to have its reduction component. This component is GABA which works with SSADH to convert GABA to succinic acid. An E.L.F is a vibrational frequency lower than 20hz the same level of infrasound used by tigers. At 14.4 hz a person becomes immobilized due to elevated GHB levels which occurs in conjunction with a picrotoxin that acts as a convulsant. This is all due to a reduction in GABA degradation via less SSADH which inhibits GABAs conversion to succinic acid. This increases Succinic semaldahyde which the body then reduces to GHB and the ensuing state of paralysis occurs. So yes, sleep paralysis is real and it is caused by these beings emitting an E.L.F frequency. This frequency can be targeted or emitted.

Even a voice can be transmitted with these weapons.

 Either way, it will affect the victim the same. The picrotoxin gives you a stomach ache and is an early tell of when they are around or if you have been abducted. For more on frequency watch my M411 video on frequency. 👉🏻 

     Anyone familiar with the alien phenomenon knows that Greys are known to carry a little wand with them. During my experience it was using it on my wife as if it was collecting something. It was waving the wand over her lower back as a painter would move his paint brush. At that moment I attempted to say something but only managed to slur a word. It then looked at me and jumped through the wall immediately releasing my paralysis . The aliens focus on my wife’s lower back intrigued me, and launched me into a completely new area of research. 

    Still the question remains: What is the renewable resource a human being possess that keeps these beings coming back? Stay tuned as we investigate the greatest Secret!

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Qanon Holds Q&A During Our Live 200K Bash on YouTube

Sorry Flat Earthers the Earth is not flat, says Qanon 

Last night we held a live Q&A to celebrate 200,000 Subscribers for our YouTube channel when we found out after 45min into it, Qanon was also holding a Q&A on 8Chan. 

Now this was not planned whatsoever since we have no connection to Q but the synchronicity of this was completely mind-blowing even for us. It is important to note that since no one really knows who Q is and since President Trump hasn’t officially stated anything about Q in public, we can’t say for sure that Q is the real deal.

However, if one really studies and researches his posts very closely, it is very likely you will start seeing a pattern of events, connections, and interesting Tweets from Trump himself that seems to go along with Q. 

But what we find most interesting is how much the media seem to hate him and attack him nonstop yet no one from the FBI, CIA, British intelligence or the Mosad, (Israeli CIA), and others have been able to say who Q is. 

Which makes us wonder why that is?  Could Q be using some soft of advance tech from the military? But let’s get into some of the big posts Q had during the Q&A. 

The least important but probably the biggest relief for us was him confirming that the Earth is not flat.

It seems like all of the Flat Earth trolls have been coming out of their caves to attack us but hopefully we will see a little bit less but most of these people don’t seem to follow Q so probably not. 

The really big one for us that no one seems to be talking about is about how 100 members of the 305th Military Police Company of Wheeling were deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Now sending troops to Guantanamo Bay doesn’t seem like a big deal since there are always troops there, however, it was just recently announced that Trump is spending $200 million in new construction for the prison and this was a question brought up to Q.

Now these are where the sealed indictments come into play. If all of this is true than they will need a huge facility to hold everyone and this could be it. 

Another big question on many people's mind is gold. 

This is probably the best news out of all of it since we know the FED is controlled by the banks or in another words, the Cabal, so now that this so called Alliance has control of it, it means that our entire economy will rise and the dollar will become the strongest it has ever been.  Once they convert back to the gold standard. 

Finally the question that has been on most people’s mind is what the heck are these envelopes that were given out during George Bush’s funeral. It seemed it was the Alliance just trolling the deep state.

Almost all media have been silent on this only some social media posts and some small media are talking about this. But the videos shows a lot of high profile people opening their packet with an envelope falling out. But according to Q this was a countermeasure when the US house of representatives in which Nancy Pelosi is the Minority Leader of, decided to postpone many scheduled hearings and meetings after Dec. 5, which seemed to delay the Alliance’s timeline. 

So when asked about the letters Q had this to say:

So what do we expect to see next? It seems the Clinton Foundation is on the verge being shut down forever. I believe this is the "Christmas Present," that Q has been hinting at but the Clintons will fight to the death over this one.  However, they already canceled their failed national tour and tried to leave the country for a "vacation," while 6,000 documents are being released about them in a hearing. 

All I can say the next few weeks are going to be exciting to say the least. 

Written by Ben Chasteen


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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction may not be so supernatural.

    Most people will remember the book and movie titled "The Secret" by Rhonda Burn that began the process of preparing people for the great awakening in human consciousness. The book and movie focus primarily on thought and how it creates your reality. The Secret did, however, leave out one crucial aspect: Emotion

“On the day you were one, you became two, but when you become two, what will you do?”

     There are two things that dictate our reality, our thoughts and our emotions. The order of which is also important. The Law of Attraction states, “That which is likened to oneself is drawn.” If you’re thinking about a pink car, pink cars will show up in your experience, or you will notice them when you hadn’t before. If you’re thinking about a tiger, you will eventually end up in a place where you’ll see a tiger such as on T.V., zoo, or Heaven forbid, you’re in a jungle. The same can be said when seeking financial remuneration or a mate. Thankfully, we are in a constant state of residual thought. As human beings we are designed with a 17 second stopgap and at 68 seconds of pure thought you have reached creation speed. Why these specific numbers you might ask?  17 seconds is a quarter of the average oxygen circulation cycle via the heart, which beats at an average of 68 beats per minute. This is the same amount of time it takes for oxygen to be delivered through out the whole body, completing the cycle of the “I Am,” which is also the sequel to The Secret and is titled The Moses Code. The oxygen being delivered to the body via respiration is a vibrational magnifier for the water that is in your body as proven by Dr. Emoto. So, in essence you are literally becoming or attracting what you are thinking via the emotion you are expressing. Keep an active thought that changes your vibration long enough and you cross into another dimension. This is clearly marked by the feeling of déjà vu aka a quantum collapse.   Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is acting on our vibration every second of every day. 

“It is spread out about the earth and men see it not.”

  You must realize that we are all connected to the same thing. Let’s call it the “quantum field” to avoid religious affiliations. This is where quantum tethering and quantum entanglement come into play. As you have gone about your life your thoughts have swirled around you and until they are realized, collect in escrow. This means that every thought you have ever thought still exists. Your emotion is what brings it or repels it. The quantum field is always delivering to you exactly what you ask of it. The impulse is what takes you to what you’re asking for. A magnetic field is produced around you by the power of your emotion. When you realize that we are all part of the same consciousness, but at the same time separated, this is what scientists call “spooky action at a distance” because in essence your thoughts of the future are creating your current reality, This is The Law of Attraction. You must first have an emotion about a topic then the process begins. When a thought is received it will come across as an impulse to do something. All cooperative components will come into play until what you’re asking for has manifested. It is important to remember that The Law of Attraction has no distinctions in what we perceive as good or bad, but will attract thought by your emotion as its guidance. 

  In conclusion I’ll end with this: You must first be happy and then take action, not take action to be happy. Nor should you take action when in a foul mood. To gain a more dynamic understanding of the topic I recommend watching The Secret, I Am, and listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube.


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Planned Invasion?

   “We’re building a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it!” It was as if President Trump knew something most of us in South Texas didn’t. Here in the Rio Grande Valley, a primarily Hispanic community, and the third fastest growing area in the nation, the RGV protested the wall and the strict immigration policies. Unbeknownst to the general population, Europe had already suffered its own invasion and United States citizens remain largely oblivious and unaware.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

     The U.N. has been bombing countries like Syria and creating millions of refugees. George Soros, and his Open Society Foundations, took center stage as millions of refugees flooded into Europe, further accomplishing the New World Orders fulfillment of Agenda 2030 that is being perpetuated by the international left. A video surfaced that highlights the invasion of Europe not by happenstance, but by clever design. This video’s sharing attributes have been disabled by YouTube in light of the current invasion now facing the United States. Thankfully, I keep links to videos like these on file. Watch it here if you’re able 👉🏻 

Troop Transport Hwy 281 Edinburg, TX

      Troop deployments here in the Rio Grande Valley have been very noticeable lately, but they have apparently been here a lot longer than suspected. Soldiers have been working from unmarked vehicles and dressed in plainclothes, so as to not alarm Valley residents. An F.O.B, or Forward Operating Base, has been established near the Donna, TX port of entry. An abandoned furniture store in the city of Weslaco, TX has been converted into a small base that appears to have additional men and supplies from the 287mp company at Ft Riley. 

Craigs Furniture Expressway 83 Weslaco, TX
     The soldiers from this base recently received a visit from the Weslaco Police department where team leaders received  a token of appreciation. Some of the men along the border have been quoted saying “It’s nice to be deployed within our own country, and defend our own for a change.”, while others hint at the absence of immigrants and the redundancy of their current mission.

    On Alex Backman’s YouTube page, ConcenciaRadio, Backman has been keeping the masses up to date with information coming in from the Mexican side. He reports, “Fictitious families, MS13 members, armed men, and immigrants from middle eastern countries are within the caravans.” He was LIVE and on location in the city of Tijuana as the residents protested against what is now being called the “Marabunta Invasion” and what they also call "the army ants" that consume all in their wake. The caravan has received much criticism in Mexico as they denied local assistance for sustenance, claiming “beans are for pigs”. They instead wanted Pizza, which the Mexican Government happily obliged ( ). Some of the immigrants even have prepaid debit cards that are being used at Mexican fast food restaurants. Meanwhile, thousands of Mexican citizens, in the state of Nayarit, have been left homeless and without water since hurricane Willa made landfall on Oct 24, 2018.

Hurricane Willa

     The fact that families, women, and children are in this caravan is not denied by anyone. The criminal aspect, on the other, hand is. An immigrant was quoted in Tijuana saying, “What are 30 pendejos gonna do when we rush the border with 30,000 men?” This man was captured by the Tijuana cartels and presumably killed. Alex Backman’s last count of the immigrants, throughout all of Mexico, was numbered at 17,000. They are all scattered within different groups, headed to the border. Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council said,  in a recent interview, that President Trump is doing an amazing job with a border problem that he inherited, and is doing a better job fixing the issues than any other president in the last 20 years. As a Rio Grande Valley resident, I couldn’t agree more. 

Edge Army Cadet

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Migrant Caravan: What the Media Is Not Telling You

Caravan is 80% men, travelling by bus, and... ¿turning Mexico pro-Trump!?

In Edge of Wonder's recent episode, John DeSouza mentioned how the migrant caravan has advanced to the US border by way of luxury buses. That may come as a surprise to people who have followed the mainstream news narrative about the caravan.

For weeks the mainstream news has driven a perception that the migrant caravan consists of families fleeing violence in their home countries, by travelling on foot, on the backs of pickup trucks, or clinging to the sides of semi trailers.

However, for those paying closer attention, this perception is questionable. Here a video shows migrants travelling by bus.

A report from Fox News said that about 80% of the caravan are men under the age of 35.

The following report from One America News shows residents of Tijuana protesting the migrant caravan which has descended on their city and expressing pro-Trump sentiments.

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