To Ride a Donkey Backwards...

The Economist tries to mock Trump but seems to backfire 

Today a friend of mine sent me a photo of the cover of the Economist. The message is that Trump is blindly leading our country. However, if you are Chinese or understand traditional culture, then the message may end up biting the Economist back in the...well, ass. 

In China there is a famous monk named Zhang Guolao who lived around 700 A.D. and who was one of the Eight Taoist Immortals. There is a famous story of Zhang about riding a donkey backwards.  

Zhang was so devoted to seeking the Dao (the way or the truth) that he did not care about any material things in this world. He was also very noble and so intelligent that he was even asked by the emperor at the time to be one of his royal subjects but he would decline or actually use supernormal abilities to escape.

He also was reported to have mastered the secret of immortality and could travel on his white donkey for hundreds of thousands of miles a day and would ride it backwards. His donkey neither ate grass nor drank water. When the sun set Zhang patted his donkey, and it turned into paper. Then Zhang put it away. The next morning, he took the paper donkey out of his pocket, blew on it, and it became a live donkey again.

So why did he ride it backwards? Zhang believed that even though society was making progress and moving forward we are actually moving further and further away from the divine, spirituality, and our true nature.  So he rode the donkey backwards as a warning for both himself and people living in the modern age that we mustn't lose ourselves over technological developments because if we do we start to become disconnected to the divine universe. 

Some believe Trump is leading us in the wrong direction and some believe he is leading us to a glorious future. Either way it appears that he is making an ass of the democratic party by riding the donkey backwards. 

-Written by Ben Chasteen
Edge of Wonder 

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Coming to an Edge of Wonder Episode Near You

In light of all this craziness going on in the world, Ben and I wanted to take a step back and remember the important things ... like how funny it would be if I was Bruce Lee and he was Chuck Norris. 

The funny thing is we could probably do a whole episode on Bruce Lee and how he died. 

Hint: The 1993 movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is fairly accurate. 

Be good everyone. 


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What is Meditation Doing in the Body? 🧘‍♀️

Calming the waters.

Many consider meditation a taboo, for most Christians it’s considered a doorway to demonic possession. This may be true, but only if the person meditating is seeking it. Scripture mentions meditation in many places Psalm 1:1-3 for example. Prayer can be seen as a state of asking, while meditation is a state of allowing, and your emotion is what you’re receiving. To accomplish a pure state of meditation, a person must have no thoughts or focus on a single thought, like breathing. This allows many wonderful processes to take place in your body, but what are these processes?

Before we continue, a concept must be understood,(Color = light = vibration = frequency = pulse.) All matter or mass is light at different states of vibration. The human body is a clear representation of this. The human body is anywhere between 60 to 80% water, and is your lens or magnifier. Are you a raging sea? Or do the waters simply ripple around you? According to Dr. Galina Merlin, the human body operates at a frequency of about 106HZ, which is at the heart, the division point of the red shift/blue shift scale, and is an anagram for earth. The earth is green because it is the most visible color in the human eye spectrum. We’ve all seen the Chakras displayed over the human body, this emoji for example. The colors are like those of a rainbow 🌈. The lower in the body the closer you get to infrared and off into black, the higher in the body the closer you move to ultraviolet and white.

Whats your resonance?

Notice the perfect meditative pose, but more importantly notice the Solfeggio frequencies that correspond to each Chakra, these resonate through the waters of your body. Chakras are not “Good” they represent blockages, but what and where are they blocking? Please refer to the following video as a clear representation of the flow of chrism or Oil in the spine.

Scientifically this fluid is called Cerebral Spinal Fluid. If the oil is trapped or impeded from full flow at a certain chakra like the sacral chakra, the area of desire, lust, and gluttony you will not ascend at least 10% of the oil. Think of the oil like mercury in an electrical conduit making contact at specific points. The objective is to move the oil passed theses blockages. A person will never ascend the oil if they do not turn the 7 deadly sins into Virtues. It seems simple enough, but this brings me to my next point. Why is it so hard to ascend the oil? 

The body is more than 80% water, and subject to contamination that can alter your vibrational state of being. All organic material is light therefore what you consume you become. I’ll be posting how the deep state alters your biochemical electrical composition in a subsequent post. Dr. Emoto has already proven that emotion affects the molecular structure of water, which acts as a vibrational magnifier for the Law Of attraction. The reason the deep state floods the market with sugar and sex is because sugar depresses you and thoughts of sex keep you in the sacral region of the body. So at play you have three things you must combine, in order to achieve a successful meditative practice. The combing of thought, emotion, and Chrism oil.


Jesus says “when your eye is one, your whole body will be full of light.” This is when the Chrism has ascended to the spiritual eye or third eye and the snakes thought and emotion have been eliminated. Where you receive the anointing from within, infinite intelligence and are rewarded 100 to 1000 fold. So meditation is simply raising the oil to a higher state of resonance within your body. Like In Greece, Hermès and Mercury in the staff of the caduceus. What happens when you heat mercury? It rises! The wings at the top represent enlightenment, So calm your mind, have no thought, and receive. I hope you enjoyed my first post, and its needless to say but my thoughts and opinions don't represent those of the Mighty Ben and Rob, or is it Rob and Ben?... its the Edge of Wonder! 

This has been A Day in The Life of Mike. 


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Why Jeff Sessions Resigned and how it is all Part of the Plan

Crossing the Red Line  

Just like everyone, I was extremely shocked at the sudden move of President Trump asking for Sessions resignation. Now the first thing that most people think of is “Q was wrong and Sessions didn’t do anything after all!” 

But let’s break down what is going on here. Over the past year it looks as though Trump and Sessions have been fighting back with each other as Trump accused Sessions of not doing his job.  All the while Q has been saying Trust Sessions. 

But Why? 

Imagine for a moment that Sessions has been the one who is gathering all the info on Spygate and the sealed indictments which has now reached over 62,000. And by the way, according to insider Corey Goode, each sealed indictment could have up to 95 names contained inside it.  This is by far no small thing. In fact this is the biggest scandal in the history of our world. 

There have also been some indictments that became unsealed, such as the NXIVM sex trafficking cult bust in which included actress Allison Mack, cult leader Keith Raniere, and many others who were abusing children. 

Trump’s opposing side, or the Deep State that is controlling the Mainstream narrative, started to like Sessions because, well it looks like he isn’t doing anything and not taking any action. Which is what caused Trump to rant on Sessions on Twitter. The sleeping public started to like Sessions “because anyone who Trump doesn’t like must be good,” right?  But what if all of this was just a ruse for the public and the Deep State? 

The President held an hour and half press conference, during which the entire fiasco with CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, happens after he karate-kids an intern's arm with a Miyagi style karate chop. This got him banned from reporting at the White House, at least for a while. 

The media went into a frenzy and started to report on this long press conference and this whole situation. When very quietly after the conference Trump announces the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which shocked the country.

So either Trump is a just a bi-polar president who is acting on pure emotions, or he and his generals are simply acting out the script from the play that they wrote out for the next few years. 

So which one is it? If you look at what Qanon posted right after his resignation Q+ posts:  

Now who is Q+, many believe this is President Trump himself posting. (See here for confirmation

So it appears Sessions did his job. Got all of the information on Spygate and the human trafficking sealed indictments ready. However, if Sessions came out he would be the one who would be attacked by everyone, the Deep State, the media, and the public. I believe Trump is protecting Sessions. In other words, it is as if Trump is saying to him, “OK, you served your country, you did everything you could and got this ready. You are older, go retire in Peace, let a young guy with a lot of energy handle the hatred and attack. Go to your estate and retire knowing that the public likes you and knowing you severed your country the best possible way.” 

Or he could use him as a judge later on when the trials actually start which would be even better since he did serve in the army. 

Now this is where Trump brings in Matthew G. Whitaker, who is a lot younger than Sessions, and is so ambitious that the dude has a photo of himself on his Twitter page deadlifting weights that is about double my own weight. Super hardcore.  

Also in 2016 he wrote a piece from USA Today, saying he would arrest Hillary Clinton. 

But the Deep State will not stop without fighting.  Former Attorney Eric Holder had this Twitter post: 

And then on the front page of the Drudge Report there was what looked like a "Technical Error".

However, after seeing Holder's tweet, I noticed the "RED Alert" in this Drudge Report photo, it seems this is actually a code word for something. This is also right before it was announced on the common dreams website about 'A Red Line Crossed': Nationwide Protests

Now if you are asking yourself, could this just be a coincidence? Nov. 7 was the anniversary of Russia's Red October in 1917 for the Socialist Revolution.  

Is the Deep State really trying to organize another Socialist Revolution? Why are they so afraid of Session's resignation? 

With the Republicans winning the senate, we will start to see the plan that Qanon executed start as Whitaker will be the Rambo for the republicans preparing to take on the Deep State head on. 

Now the questions remains, is the public ready? 

-Written by Ben Chasteen 
Edge of Wonder 


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David Wilcock on the Division in the UFO Community

We're all humans ... well, mostly, right? 

There has been an tremendous amount of unease in the Disclosure community as of late. But has anyone taken a step back to ask themselves what good that would do if we're creating a divide in the only community actively seeking truths? 

Watch the interview here:

Furthermore who would be behind this division and who would it help? Basically only the Deep State wins if we allow it. 

In this interview David Wilcock addresses many of the issues and concerns with the divide and how we can actively create more understanding and peace in our extremely important and needed disclosure community. 

I will also say that regardless of who you are, Edge of Wonder will support you if you have information that can help this community. That is, as long as you're not apart of the Deep State, because then we'll have to poke you in your "all seeing eye." 

What? Someone had to say it. 


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