David Wilcock Update


Hey y'alls. 

Be sure to check out David Wilcock's new update. It's long, but explains a lot of things going on what we think everyone should know about.

The film “Above Majestic” sheds new light on the Secret Space Program, Q Anon and much more, and is scheduled for release on multiple platforms such as ITunes as of October 30th.
David Wilcock

David talks about Q-Anon, the SSP and of course the new film coming out, Above Majestic! 

All the best!  


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Our All New Bloggy Blog

Our first blog post ever!  

Excited? We are. Come here for live updates on what we're doing every day!  

I'm so excited, 
I'm going to change my hat.

Ben Chasteloid (Just kidding It's still me, Rob) 

Want to hear what we're researching? Check our blog.
Want to know about weird books we've come across? Check our blog.
Want to know our most intimate thoughts about Q? Check our blog.
Want to know what I ate for lunch today? Me either. 

Also keep an eye out here for exciting updates to our site. We're gonna deck this thing out and make an entire social platform for you allz! 

We love you guys and will see you all out on the Edge of Blogness! 


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