So we were asked if we wanted to attend the Mass Meditation event in Washington, DC on Nov 11, in which is going to feature  the entire cast from the Above Majestic film. The movie reached the number 1 documentary on iTunes in 24 hours! Great Job everyone! 

We wanted to say congratulations to the whole team and we can't wait to see everyone.  We will do a live show and join in the meditation.  So if anyone is bored or around the DC area please join us and you can meet up with us too!  We would love to meet all of you! 

Sunday November 11, 2018 | FREE event open to the public

Starts at 10am EST / Global Mass Meditation at 2pm EST

The Lincoln Memorial Steps and JFK Hockey Field, 2 Lincoln Memorial Circle NW Washington DC 20037

Last time we went to an event no one knew us so we have no idea what to expect now.  We were going to get a booth but the logistics of this is a bit much so we will just walk around and film stuff. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!