Gravestone With the Anno Mundi Year

   Did you know the deepest part of the Deep State goes by a totally separate calendar, and starts the year on a completely different day? What should astound you is that they force you to use the Gregorian Calendar, while they use another. 

   The Anno Mundi calendar is said to mark the beginning of the world, or the year after creation. There are many interpretations of this date depending on which biblical text you’re referencing the information from. Some interpretations have the current year 2019, as 5780. James Ussher calculated the date of creation to be 4004 years before the birth of Christ making 2019, 6023. The Masonic Society does not have an affinity for those extra 4 years so they rounded off to 4000 making this year 6019 AL or, Anno Lucis, and ours 2019 AD or, Anno Domini.

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 The Alien Connection 

     What intrigues me the most is that Robert Morning Sky placed the fall of the Sun God Ra and the take over of the Earth by the Shetu 👽 at around 6000 BC, near the start of the Annu Mundi Calendar. Ironically, the Shetu are the original stonemasons. We all know Allistor Crowley was a Mason and had a connection with an alien entity named Aiwas that looked like a Grey. Further investigation of the word Shetu reveals that it is the root word for shadow or umbra. The Shetu, or rather, Grey's, as I will continue to refer to as, were given free reign over the earth by a Reptilian Queen in the constellation of Orion to do what was needed to keep humans subservient and ignorant. She used a mind control technology called MuGhK or its modern name, MK-Ultra (CIA mind control). Essentially, the Grey’s are the Shadow Government of the Free Masons that appose the Children of RA, the Rothschild. Anyone familiar with the Rothschild will know that they claim to be descended from Gods or Aliens. JOB 38:31 says “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades and loosen Orion’s Belt?.” Which brings me to the Date the Deep State begins the year. Check out Robert Morning Sky and his amazing work on Terra Papers.

 A Garland Of Crowns

Seems Scary, but its just the Sky...

     After the great Reformation or separation from the Catholic Church, Protestant England opposed the New Year’s Day Of January 1st. The original New Year’s Day started on March 25. After succumbing to pressures from the rest of Europe and the Catholic Church, England acquiesced. But why would they change this? It turns out that the Deep State was attempting to hide a big secret!  

     The word Mazzaroth is a Hebrew word that was purposely not translated in the Bible, but can be translated in English as Zodiac or Constellations. Job 38:32 “Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in its season or guide Arcturus with his Sons.” The Zodiac revolves around the world, and always starts in March with the sign of Aries. Alright so, why does this matter? Because it hides the secret of the Human Body! 

“He who has discovered the world 🌎 has discovered a corpse 🧘🏻‍♂️, and of him the world is not worthy.”

     The Fathers Prayer, sacred to me and my family, can be found in the body. Aries the brain- (Our Father who Art in heaven,) Taurus and the vowel sounds- (Hallowed be thy name.) Cancer chest, Gemini arms- (Thy kingdom come.)  Leo the Earth or an anagram for heart-(Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.) Virgo Stomach- (Give us this day our daily bread) Libra the scales, kidneys - (and forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.) Scorpio the sting of death or reproductive organs- (and lead us not into temptation,) Sagittarius two sets of legs- (but deliver us from evil.) Capricorn the knee caps locking you in your direction from the Sagittarius arrow- (For thine is the kingdom). Aquarius the water bearer flow of energy, pouring the water- (the power). Pisces the two fish or feet- (kingdom and Glory Amen). Making a full circle in the body and on the earth. 

There are slight variations of this, but this version suits my thoughts most. This journey is meant to depict the flow of energy inside us, and on the Earth. This energy is a sine wave, a torsion pulse, a FREQUENCY! Marked by the ups and downs of the solstice, equinox, and the crest and troughs of a heart beat. 

The Sine Wave that exists in Everything. Also the Journey of the “SUN” 😉

This is not at all meant to sway you from your personal beliefs, but express a suppressed alternative. My thoughts and opinions do not at all express those of the Edge Of Wonder. Let’s step back from that edge for a bit LOL! 

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Thank you for making it this far! 

This has been Another day in the life of Mike! 

Happy 6023!! 🎉