The above Image was sent to us by a fan in South Korea named Jin. After watching our 2nd David Wilcock interview, Jin went through and started looking for symbolism in K-pop videos to see what he'd find.

On the above screen shot you'll notice two images that Jin circled. The one above says, "Paradise", and below that to the left it says, "California". The image on the wall seems to have an image of a car and what looks like fire. A close up to the image of that area, I am attaching here: 

Even if the car is not on fire and that's something else (likely a surfboard), why show those specific words on the two posters? What was this doing on the wall of a Kpop video released 2 months before the fires actually started?

Now, regardless of whether you believe in conspiracy theories, or not, this is a rather bizarre coincidence. The reason is, it is widely known that the Deep State believes that their initiatives must be public in order for them to be legitimate. They believe humans must knowingly accept their plans, even if it's subconsciously. 

Going along these lines of thinking, if their occult activities require at least partially being out in the open, Kpop seems to be a perfect vehicle for their plans—completely out in the open, with little to few people noticing. Especially with English signage and symbolism in a country not as well versed as America, this would fill their requirements.

But what do you think? Coincidence? Not? Have you seen anything in K-poop or other pop music that makes you wonder what these strange illumidonkers are doing? Comment below and share your thoughts!