“We’re building a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it!” It was as if President Trump knew something most of us in South Texas didn’t. Here in the Rio Grande Valley, a primarily Hispanic community, and the third fastest growing area in the nation, the RGV protested the wall and the strict immigration policies. Unbeknownst to the general population, Europe had already suffered its own invasion and United States citizens remain largely oblivious and unaware.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

     The U.N. has been bombing countries like Syria and creating millions of refugees. George Soros, and his Open Society Foundations, took center stage as millions of refugees flooded into Europe, further accomplishing the New World Orders fulfillment of Agenda 2030 that is being perpetuated by the international left. A video surfaced that highlights the invasion of Europe not by happenstance, but by clever design. This video’s sharing attributes have been disabled by YouTube in light of the current invasion now facing the United States. Thankfully, I keep links to videos like these on file. Watch it here if you’re able 👉🏻 https://youtu.be/Sirj6qNLAEU 

Troop Transport Hwy 281 Edinburg, TX

      Troop deployments here in the Rio Grande Valley have been very noticeable lately, but they have apparently been here a lot longer than suspected. Soldiers have been working from unmarked vehicles and dressed in plainclothes, so as to not alarm Valley residents. An F.O.B, or Forward Operating Base, has been established near the Donna, TX port of entry. An abandoned furniture store in the city of Weslaco, TX has been converted into a small base that appears to have additional men and supplies from the 287mp company at Ft Riley. 

Craigs Furniture Expressway 83 Weslaco, TX
     The soldiers from this base recently received a visit from the Weslaco Police department where team leaders received  a token of appreciation. Some of the men along the border have been quoted saying “It’s nice to be deployed within our own country, and defend our own for a change.”, while others hint at the absence of immigrants and the redundancy of their current mission.

    On Alex Backman’s YouTube page, ConcenciaRadio, Backman has been keeping the masses up to date with information coming in from the Mexican side. He reports, “Fictitious families, MS13 members, armed men, and immigrants from middle eastern countries are within the caravans.” He was LIVE and on location in the city of Tijuana as the residents protested against what is now being called the “Marabunta Invasion” and what they also call "the army ants" that consume all in their wake. The caravan has received much criticism in Mexico as they denied local assistance for sustenance, claiming “beans are for pigs”. They instead wanted Pizza, which the Mexican Government happily obliged ( https://youtu.be/KNiMJZ59qaA ). Some of the immigrants even have prepaid debit cards that are being used at Mexican fast food restaurants. Meanwhile, thousands of Mexican citizens, in the state of Nayarit, have been left homeless and without water since hurricane Willa made landfall on Oct 24, 2018.

Hurricane Willa

     The fact that families, women, and children are in this caravan is not denied by anyone. The criminal aspect, on the other, hand is. An immigrant was quoted in Tijuana saying, “What are 30 pendejos gonna do when we rush the border with 30,000 men?” This man was captured by the Tijuana cartels and presumably killed. Alex Backman’s last count of the immigrants, throughout all of Mexico, was numbered at 17,000. They are all scattered within different groups, headed to the border. Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council said,  in a recent interview, that President Trump is doing an amazing job with a border problem that he inherited, and is doing a better job fixing the issues than any other president in the last 20 years. As a Rio Grande Valley resident, I couldn’t agree more. 

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