Bill Still's Youtube channel has been a go-to news source for me over the last couple years. His straightforward and no nonsense delivery of the news is a refreshing change from the overly dramatic delivery and spin from other talking heads.

It came as a bit of a surprise then to see this recent video, where he shares a vision that came to him when he went to cast an early vote in the midterm election. See it for yourself here:

He said that he felt he should share the experience with his listeners and that he thought it was up to everyone to understand for themselves. 

I found it pretty interesting, especially since I follow this guy and have never heard him share anything close to this before. What did you guys think? 


Thought it would be appropriate to share here. At Trump's rally last night, someone fainted or collapsed in the audience. Trump then stopped the rally, while this person was attended to. Check out what happened next.