Last night we held a live Q&A to celebrate 200,000 Subscribers for our YouTube channel when we found out after 45min into it, Qanon was also holding a Q&A on 8Chan. 

Now this was not planned whatsoever since we have no connection to Q but the synchronicity of this was completely mind-blowing even for us. It is important to note that since no one really knows who Q is and since President Trump hasn’t officially stated anything about Q in public, we can’t say for sure that Q is the real deal.

However, if one really studies and researches his posts very closely, it is very likely you will start seeing a pattern of events, connections, and interesting Tweets from Trump himself that seems to go along with Q. 

But what we find most interesting is how much the media seem to hate him and attack him nonstop yet no one from the FBI, CIA, British intelligence or the Mosad, (Israeli CIA), and others have been able to say who Q is. 

Which makes us wonder why that is?  Could Q be using some soft of advance tech from the military? But let’s get into some of the big posts Q had during the Q&A. 

The least important but probably the biggest relief for us was him confirming that the Earth is not flat.

It seems like all of the Flat Earth trolls have been coming out of their caves to attack us but hopefully we will see a little bit less but most of these people don’t seem to follow Q so probably not. 

The really big one for us that no one seems to be talking about is about how 100 members of the 305th Military Police Company of Wheeling were deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Now sending troops to Guantanamo Bay doesn’t seem like a big deal since there are always troops there, however, it was just recently announced that Trump is spending $200 million in new construction for the prison and this was a question brought up to Q.

Now these are where the sealed indictments come into play. If all of this is true than they will need a huge facility to hold everyone and this could be it. 

Another big question on many people's mind is gold. 

This is probably the best news out of all of it since we know the FED is controlled by the banks or in another words, the Cabal, so now that this so called Alliance has control of it, it means that our entire economy will rise and the dollar will become the strongest it has ever been.  Once they convert back to the gold standard. 

Finally the question that has been on most people’s mind is what the heck are these envelopes that were given out during George Bush’s funeral. It seemed it was the Alliance just trolling the deep state.

Almost all media have been silent on this only some social media posts and some small media are talking about this. But the videos shows a lot of high profile people opening their packet with an envelope falling out. But according to Q this was a countermeasure when the US house of representatives in which Nancy Pelosi is the Minority Leader of, decided to postpone many scheduled hearings and meetings after Dec. 5, which seemed to delay the Alliance’s timeline. 

So when asked about the letters Q had this to say:

So what do we expect to see next? It seems the Clinton Foundation is on the verge being shut down forever. I believe this is the "Christmas Present," that Q has been hinting at but the Clintons will fight to the death over this one.  However, they already canceled their failed national tour and tried to leave the country for a "vacation," while 6,000 documents are being released about them in a hearing. 

All I can say the next few weeks are going to be exciting to say the least. 

Written by Ben Chasteen