Most people will remember the book and movie titled "The Secret" by Rhonda Burn that began the process of preparing people for the great awakening in human consciousness. The book and movie focus primarily on thought and how it creates your reality. The Secret did, however, leave out one crucial aspect: Emotion

“On the day you were one, you became two, but when you become two, what will you do?”

     There are two things that dictate our reality, our thoughts and our emotions. The order of which is also important. The Law of Attraction states, “That which is likened to oneself is drawn.” If you’re thinking about a pink car, pink cars will show up in your experience, or you will notice them when you hadn’t before. If you’re thinking about a tiger, you will eventually end up in a place where you’ll see a tiger such as on T.V., zoo, or Heaven forbid, you’re in a jungle. The same can be said when seeking financial remuneration or a mate. Thankfully, we are in a constant state of residual thought. As human beings we are designed with a 17 second stopgap and at 68 seconds of pure thought you have reached creation speed. Why these specific numbers you might ask?  17 seconds is a quarter of the average oxygen circulation cycle via the heart, which beats at an average of 68 beats per minute. This is the same amount of time it takes for oxygen to be delivered through out the whole body, completing the cycle of the “I Am,” which is also the sequel to The Secret and is titled The Moses Code. The oxygen being delivered to the body via respiration is a vibrational magnifier for the water that is in your body as proven by Dr. Emoto. So, in essence you are literally becoming or attracting what you are thinking via the emotion you are expressing. Keep an active thought that changes your vibration long enough and you cross into another dimension. This is clearly marked by the feeling of déjà vu aka a quantum collapse.   Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is acting on our vibration every second of every day. 

“It is spread out about the earth and men see it not.”

  You must realize that we are all connected to the same thing. Let’s call it the “quantum field” to avoid religious affiliations. This is where quantum tethering and quantum entanglement come into play. As you have gone about your life your thoughts have swirled around you and until they are realized, collect in escrow. This means that every thought you have ever thought still exists. Your emotion is what brings it or repels it. The quantum field is always delivering to you exactly what you ask of it. The impulse is what takes you to what you’re asking for. A magnetic field is produced around you by the power of your emotion. When you realize that we are all part of the same consciousness, but at the same time separated, this is what scientists call “spooky action at a distance” because in essence your thoughts of the future are creating your current reality, This is The Law of Attraction. You must first have an emotion about a topic then the process begins. When a thought is received it will come across as an impulse to do something. All cooperative components will come into play until what you’re asking for has manifested. It is important to remember that The Law of Attraction has no distinctions in what we perceive as good or bad, but will attract thought by your emotion as its guidance. 

  In conclusion I’ll end with this: You must first be happy and then take action, not take action to be happy. Nor should you take action when in a foul mood. To gain a more dynamic understanding of the topic I recommend watching The Secret, I Am, and listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube.


This has been A Day in The Life of Mike. 

Shhh, It's Our Secret...

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