Why would an advanced civilization continually abduct human beings for centuries? Some Experiencers would say that we are their lab rats, while others contend that they are here trying to save the planet. Spiritual speakers, like Abraham Hicks, say that  abductions are happening on a metaphysical level, a state of consciousness in which a human being is unable to determine the difference between a soul abduction and a physical abduction. This idea would lend credence to the accounts in which people are taken through walls. I will tackle this topic in two separate blog posts by answering who the most likely culprit is, how they do it, and what they are taking. 

The Greys

     Until full disclosure happens the best we can do is look at the evidence and speak from experience. An alien Grey is the entity most likely responsible for the common alien abduction. I will get into my experience in a later post, but the Skinny Bob alien is the alien I had a full conscious encounter with. 

Skinny Bob

The following footage is %100 real, from the movement of its mouth, fingers, clothing, and creepy walk. Anyone trying to debunk this footage is wrong and misinformed. Watch it to the end here👉🏻 https://youtu.be/EVXzNKfPO5A

Frequency &  Paralysis 

     In 2015 I had an encounter with a shadow being and unbeknownst to it, I was fully conscious. In fact, seconds before I was contemplating buying breakfast tacos but decided to wait a few minutes for my wife to wake up. Again, I’ll save the encounter for a later post, but this entity hit me with a state of paralysis that emits from its body like a cold vibration. I have now found the source of this. It turns out that GHB occurs naturally in the body, so it naturally has to have its reduction component. This component is GABA which works with SSADH to convert GABA to succinic acid. An E.L.F is a vibrational frequency lower than 20hz the same level of infrasound used by tigers. At 14.4 hz a person becomes immobilized due to elevated GHB levels which occurs in conjunction with a picrotoxin that acts as a convulsant. This is all due to a reduction in GABA degradation via less SSADH which inhibits GABAs conversion to succinic acid. This increases Succinic semaldahyde which the body then reduces to GHB and the ensuing state of paralysis occurs. So yes, sleep paralysis is real and it is caused by these beings emitting an E.L.F frequency. This frequency can be targeted or emitted.

Even a voice can be transmitted with these weapons.

 Either way, it will affect the victim the same. The picrotoxin gives you a stomach ache and is an early tell of when they are around or if you have been abducted. For more on frequency watch my M411 video on frequency. 👉🏻 https://youtu.be/pvV1IhVKqFU 

     Anyone familiar with the alien phenomenon knows that Greys are known to carry a little wand with them. During my experience it was using it on my wife as if it was collecting something. It was waving the wand over her lower back as a painter would move his paint brush. At that moment I attempted to say something but only managed to slur a word. It then looked at me and jumped through the wall immediately releasing my paralysis . The aliens focus on my wife’s lower back intrigued me, and launched me into a completely new area of research. 

    Still the question remains: What is the renewable resource a human being possess that keeps these beings coming back? Stay tuned as we investigate the greatest Secret!

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