Today a friend of mine sent me a photo of the cover of the Economist. The message is that Trump is blindly leading our country. However, if you are Chinese or understand traditional culture, then the message may end up biting the Economist back in the...well, ass. 

In China there is a famous monk named Zhang Guolao who lived around 700 A.D. and who was one of the Eight Taoist Immortals. There is a famous story of Zhang about riding a donkey backwards.  

Zhang was so devoted to seeking the Dao (the way or the truth) that he did not care about any material things in this world. He was also very noble and so intelligent that he was even asked by the emperor at the time to be one of his royal subjects but he would decline or actually use supernormal abilities to escape.

He also was reported to have mastered the secret of immortality and could travel on his white donkey for hundreds of thousands of miles a day and would ride it backwards. His donkey neither ate grass nor drank water. When the sun set Zhang patted his donkey, and it turned into paper. Then Zhang put it away. The next morning, he took the paper donkey out of his pocket, blew on it, and it became a live donkey again.

So why did he ride it backwards? Zhang believed that even though society was making progress and moving forward we are actually moving further and further away from the divine, spirituality, and our true nature.  So he rode the donkey backwards as a warning for both himself and people living in the modern age that we mustn't lose ourselves over technological developments because if we do we start to become disconnected to the divine universe. 

Some believe Trump is leading us in the wrong direction and some believe he is leading us to a glorious future. Either way it appears that he is making an ass of the democratic party by riding the donkey backwards. 

-Written by Ben Chasteen
Edge of Wonder